Shot Bru..

Not spending as much in the lime light as their American and Australian counterparts, it is easy to forget the level surfing talent coming out of South Africa. Check out this edit featuring A hand full of South Africa’s best, including Travis Logie, Slade Prestwich, Davey Van Zyl, Mikey February, & Beyrick De Vries and be reminded…

Reef welcomes Mitch Crews

Mitch Crews has had a fairly varied rookie year on tour so far, interspersing various RD 2 exits with spectacular achievements, like beating Slater in Brazil. Whilst Crews is keen to make a dent in the ratings this year, his surfing aspirations extend further than just contest results: “I want people to enjoy watching me…

Jeremy Flores in Africa

The jury is still out on what Jeremy’s sanction will be for storming the judging tower during his controversial exit from the comp at JBay last week. We’re pretty bummed for Jes that thats how it went down, because by the looks of this edit he was having a blast before that heat with Seabass..

The Litmus Effect

Intro by LSFF founder Chris Nelson Offered a slot to show any film you want, on the big screen, in Dolby sound, to 200 like-minded souls, what would you choose? Curating a   night of cult surf cinema, this was my dilemma. Only there was no dilemma. The choice was simple. There was only one possible film….

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