Day 2 Highlights from The Billabong Pro

Whilst not as spectacular as Mondays competition, there was still plenty to get excited about yesterday at The Billabong Pro and the good news is there’s a new pulse of swell coming through today! Here’s the official highlights package: Sadly they missed two of our favourite moments from the webcast out, so we’ve decided to…


Teahupoo Morning Freesurf

Here’s some incredible free surfing footage from before the contest got underway at chopes yesterday. Although the swell is set do drop a little from yesterday, the forecast is still for solid 8-12ft waves, so make sure to check back at 6pm (UK Time) for the possibility of another incredible day/night of surfing.


A simple life in Bali

A fairly accurate cross section of beach life in Bali. Pumping waves, some topless women, the odd fight and a team of charging locals (including an impressive looking junior contingent)…